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Buy white runtz in cans and get it delivered to your door steps. We offer premium-quality white runtz buds. The packaging design is an unusual one for cannabis. Protects the marijuana from crushing and defends against the deleterious effects of light and moisture. The hermetically sealed packaging also protects the product from oxygen. The package contains 20 cans of runtz weed for sale and we have both white and pink runtz canned weed for wholesale at discounteed prices.

White runtz weed is an indica dominate hybrid strain containing 85 % of indica and 15% of sativa. The exact parent strains of this buds is unknown. Nevertheless, we know that this bud got it name from a white widow parentage. the average thc % of white runtz is 24 to 28. We have white runtz in cans for sale shop now

Order Runtz Tins

Runtz is a fruit-forward cross of Zkittlez and Gelato, with a fruity and sweet terpene profile like assorted candies. Runtz is thought to have euphoric effects, but little is known about this strain that has recently come into the market and gained popularity. Buy runtz can online at our cannabis shop now






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